What is a pre-blog ? Well, in this case it looks a bit like a blog, it has content very similar to a blog but it isn't a blog...

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08.12.2011 | 16:26 GMT | THE NEW BLOG GOES LIVE

I have finally done it... a proper Wordpress blog with archives, an RSS feed and the works. I'm rather sad to say that this is the final post on the pre-blog. It was only meant to survive for six months or so and it made it all the way to three years and three months!

PLEASE come and have a look at the new blog - I am migrating pages as, and when, I have time so the contant that you find here will eventually make it over to the new place. The new place is also called dg28 and you can find it here: NEW BLOG GOES ON LINE 8th December 2011

Some golden-oldie posts have been moved to the new blog:



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