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30.06.2009 | 12:43 BST | Speech about the future of press photography

About ten days ago I was one of the speakers at a very interesting event organised by Redeye, Chetham's Library and The University of Bolton. The event was entitled as the First UK Symposium on Photography, was held at Chetham's in Manchester and had a strong cast list of speakers - especially from the news and editorial sector of our industry. My small part was as one of two panelists in a discussion about press photography in the UK. My colleague Pete Jenkins led off with an honest and sobering resume of the changes in the industry over the last twenty or so years and then it was my turn.


27.06.2009 | 14:09 BST | Big space, one light

It's very useful to be able to kill two birds with one stone - especially when you have a limited amount of time. I have been very busy this month and blogging time has ben limited. I had intended to carry on my review of the ERQ and maybe post a new technique piece as well. I was sent on a job the other day that allows me to do both.



16.06.2009 | 12:49 BST | Ranger Quadra part II

It's a bit of a weird way to do a review but here is another bit of the Elinchrom Ranger Quadra (ERQ) review. Rather frustratingly, most of the images that I'm doing with the new kit are for clients who would rather I didn't show the world the pictures before they get a chance to publish them. Most of the magazines that I'm currently working for have a one or two month lead time and that means a long wait to show off those pictures.


15.06.2009 | 19:45 BST | The Press Photographers' Year

A couple of months ago my colleague Dillon Bryden called me and asked if I would be a member of the Jury judging the news sections of this year's Press Photographers' Year competition. I have judged competitions before and was very nervous about getting involved. Passions run high. Arguments between judges are often heated and I'm not good at confrontation. Despite my very strong reservations I said "yes" and found myself in a room with my four fellow jurors on a Tuesday morning at the beginning of June. My fellow jurors were Brian Harris, Roger Hutchings, Terry Richards and Homer Sykes - all superb photographers and all heroes of mine.

We had several categories to get through in one day and the PPY team worked amazingly hard to put slide shows and hard copies in front of us - in between breakfast, lunch and dinner. We looked, we discussed, we argued, we fell out and made up and we made a lot of decisions. Few were unanimous but all were eventually supported by the jury. The results get published once the sports jury have done their work and we have all voted on an overall best picture.

Being a jury member is, without doubt, an honour. It is also a responsibility and it's something that I wouldn't want to do too often. I am really looking forward to the exhibition at the Royal National Theatre in London and I would strongly recommend that you get down there if you are in the UK.

British press photography is very strong. The standard of the images across the board was high and the great sadness is that there isn't enough room in our newspapers and magazines or on the walls of the Royal National Theatre to show off the work. I'd like to offer my congratulations those who took the winning pictures (even if they don't know who they are yet). To those whose photographs weren't chosen all I can say is that there was an amazing choice and that I really enjoyed seeing your work.

15.06.2009 | 18:35 BST | Brutal architecture and portraits



I have an admission to make... I love shooting portraits on cloudy days around concrete buildings with urban skylines. There, I've said it. As a photographer I find brutal architecture and grey winter days both challenging and creatively stimulating. Combine the two and you have a blank canvas for interesting images - as long as you have a cooperative subject.


05.06.2009 | 17:40 BST | Elinchrom Ranger Quadra mini-review part one...

I posted the news on this blog couple of weeks ago that I had finally got my hands on the new Elinchrom Ranger Quadra kit and that I'd get around to doing a mini review soon. It's been really frustrating that all of the jobs that I have done with it have been for clients that want exclusivity on the images until well after they have used them. Because of this, I'm having to restrict myself to generalising about the kit rather than actually showing images. Did I mention that this is frustrating!


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