Since the pre-blog was born I have written and/or updated 23 essays. Some are shorter than others and some are more opinionated than others but I hope that they have all made an impact on at least one reader - each! I thought that I'd do a quick round up of them to save readers the bother of trawling through the whole site to find them!

An explanation of the rather bizarre URL of this site and how it came about
My reaction to a controversial World Press Photo third prize winner
Some of the pearls of wisdom that I have picked up in the last twenty-three years
About the British Press Photographers' Association's most recent project
A look at how my two periods of freelancing - seperated by fifteen years are different
As a profession we wear our cynicsm as a badge of honour - why?
My look at the annual UK trade exhibition for photography - Focus on Imaging
Freelancing in 2009 is an up and down sort of business - or a hot and cold one
It's not about how we see images, it's about how others see them
I don't write many blog entries about other people's blogs but this one deserves it
Apparently there are two types of editorial photographers and I'm a light and shade man
There are a few things that you need to know to be a good photographer that you might not realise
The quality of the images that we can now produce from digital SLRs is amazing
Nobody likes doing them - largely because those that organise them do it so badly
One picture has drawn a line in the sand and that's because the photographer made a big decision
Painting a thousand words is a bit of trite summary of just what a great image can do, but its true
Five people that I've shot pictures of who have sinced died will each leave an indellible mark on my memory
Moving from being a student or an amateur to being a professional is all about approach
After I had completed six months as a freelancer I did a quick resume of how I was doing
Will break my bones but names will never hurt me - or at least that's what I used to think
There are three key elements to a picture. Sometimes you can control all three and sometimes you cannot
Is what you wear whilst working a uniform and is it a useful way of identifying yourself or just clothes?
I've finally done it - spent a couple of days with an expert learning how to edit video

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