When I examine the vistor figures for my website going back to August 2000, I can see how many more visitors there are for the technique pages than any others. In fact, 68% of all page views on this site between August 2000 and August 2008 were to one of the many technique examples. I don't suppose that is going to change any time soon so this page provides an index to all of the new technique pages posted since the 1st of September 2008.

Christmas Flash - an explanation of how flash and blur works and why it works so well at Christmas time
Me in Cambridge - I needed a picture of myself and so I got my assistant for the day to shoot this frame of me at the end of a portrait session for a major magazine.
  Gravedigger - a rare multiple flash set up on a portrait in a grave yard after dark, just in time for halloween
  Big Pale Wall - using a large surface on location to act as the biggest soft box ever
  Silhouette - another example of making silhouettes work for you when shooting flash
  Workflow '09 - how I get my images from the camera to the client in a number of relatively easy steps using as few applications as possible
  Shallow depth of field - making the most of very fast lenses, with or without flash.
  Hard shadow - having shot the image that the client asked for, you can try out your own vision of the job.
  My most useful technique - shooting from the deep shadows of a building works well... most of the time
  Fun at dawn - Sometimes you just have to go out in the wind and the rain and make pictures.
Drop-in images - it pays to give clients something beyond what they asked for and these simple drop-ins are a good idea.
Garden portrait - In fading light this portrait of garden designer Mike Palmer made use of flash to give contrast where there was none.
Brutal Architecture - On a wet and windy February day in London I was lucky enough to shoot on the roof of a building that I have visited many times.
  Big space - An evening job where there was not enough light and how one flash unit made the job possible.

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