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Commissioning a professional photographer can be a daunting business. My philosophy has always been to make it as painless and as uncomplicated as possible and I believe that this is best achieved by a proper dialogue between photographer and client. We both want the same thing - a set of pictures that achieve a purpose. In my experience, the better defined that purpose is, the easier it is to get the photographs that the client needs. I call my service "bespoke" because I believe in tailoring what I do to what you want and need. The way I shoot, the way that I deliver pictures and even the way that I charge are all options that we can explore before going ahead with the job.

When I shoot editorial images for magazines, newspapers and websites my approach is to work with the style of the publication and deliver pictures ready to go into print or on the web. Shooting for PR clients means that I have to be aware of a whole range of styles that might be needed and that the sole purpose of my being there is promote the client, their brand and their business. The widest field that I work in is commercial photography where my pictures often have no designated use - the clients often keep libraries of images for future use in a whole range of materials from business press to brochures and even in advertisements.

I've put together some case studies, frequently asked questions, essays and ideas and breakdown of how my terms and conditions would affect you and you can follow the links to read them below.

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