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Between January 2000 and June 2008 I posted a large number of technique examples taken from my daily work to show how I used light in an era where digital cameras were pretty poor at ISOs over 800 or even 400 in the case of the venerable Kodak DCS520. These days flash is a creative choice rather than a technical necessity but the techniques still stand up - even if one or two of the concepts are looking a little dated!.

When I first discovered the internet I was keen to show the world my photographs. I'd been working professionally for many years by then and I had a lot of work to show. My first website was published using free webspace provided by AoL and that quickly morphed into the original dg28 pages. Before too long I started posting a series of "how I did it" technique pages which grew into a collection of fifty examples, mostly concerned with portable lighting and its use with digital SLRs.

Those pages attracted thousands of visitors and I still meet photographers who tell me just how much they were influenced by some of those examples. These days I have a blog where I post a wide selection of stuff about my work and the industry which I still love.

Here you can find the original pages...

Flash and blur 1 Flash overpowering daylight Mixing colour temperatures
Silhouettes 2 Reflections in a table Shooting from the shade
Adding atmosphere with colour Flash and blur 2 The interview portrait
Changing your plans Using a small flash unit Shadows, sunshine and flash
Adding to the ambient light Deliberately hard shadows Re-creating the scene
Flash fall off Picking out details with flash The light inside
The old master look Wave that flag An artist's portrait
Shooting for composites Does clutter work? Using a small flash unit part 2
Using a small flash unit part 4 More about shooting glass Still life and movement
The view from above The view from above part 2 Contrast, colour and glass
Pepping up the background Choosing a mood Replacing colour
Rapid set up and shoot Amazing backdrop Big glass box
Two minute still life Unusual surroundings Kick lights
Why we use lights After dark... part 1 After dark... part 2
Afternoon flash Working silhouette Two set-ups at the same time
Hiding the flash in the frame Back on the beach About angles
Silhouettes 1 Outside a barn at night Different styles
Shooting through glass North light Flash, camera, action...
Working with layouts Using a small flash unit part 3 Lighting a conference platform
A pool of light Losing bad backgrounds A morning in the park
Flash in a box Power portrait Door Light

There are a few more technique samples in the blog too.




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